Plastic crates are a great way to manage product in the food transport and sale businesses. Making the investment in plastic crates versus some of the more standard alternatives can have both short-term and long-term benefits, as well. What are some of the reasons you should use plastic crates for food transport, storage, and sale?

What Types of Plastic Storage Crates?

Many stores still use cardboard boxes for sending fruits, vegetables, or other perishable food from the source to the store. Heavy duty plastic crates provide a great alternative to traditional boxes. These crates are open air crates that can be stacked on top of each other and have open handles for easy carrying. Plastic crates also come in a variety of colors.

What Are the Benefits of Plastic Crates?

There are many benefits of using plastic crates for food transport and storage. These benefits include:

  • Reusability – the plastic crates can be cleaned and used over and over again. Cardboard boxes, on the other hand, have to be discarded frequently, often after just one use.
  • Efficient transport – plastic crates are designed to stack together in a stable way; this prevents shifting and compressing that could damage food.
  • Cleanliness – you can clean your plastic containers to the required level for food transport, storage, and sale.
  • Product tracking – you can put barcodes on your crates and scan them when they leave the facility, when they arrive, and even when they are placed out in the store.
  • Full lifecycle use – you can use the same crates for transport, storage, and product sale; you can place the plastic crates to display and sell your product in the store.
  • Reduce your process time for loading, unloading, and displaying product – since the crates stack easily, you can lock them together for transport and easily unstack and move them to storage or display.
  • Organization – you can manage different product types by having containers of different colors.
  • Environmental – reusing your containers reduces trash and waste from throwing away packing crates, plastic wrapping, and tape after each shipment arrives at its destination.
  • Various sizes and shapes – there are different shapes and sizes of stackable crates to accommodate the various kinds of food products.

Reusable plastic crates provide a great way to improve your food business from transport to sale. With improvements in everything from efficient stacking to tracking, the initial cost can be quickly recovered. In addition, you can reduce waste by reusing crates instead of throwing away boxes.