Your antique collection can be extremely valuable. Unfortunately, it can also take up a lot of the space around your home. For this reason, you may want to consider using a storage unit to give you the space to keep these items without cluttering your house. However, it can be easy for individuals to make mistakes when they are storing these items that can lead to some potentially serious problems and damages. To help you avoid these mistakes, you will want to use the following couple of tips to keep your antiques safe during their time in storage.

Always Use Climate Controlled Storage Units

When you are evaluating storage unit providers, you will want to choose one that can offer you climate controlled units. Over the course of time, the humidity and temperature levels in the storage units will fluctuate wildly over the course of a year, and this can result in serious damage occurring to the stored antiques. In addition to these temperature changes, the humidity levels will also be wildly changing, and this can be particularly damaging to wood, cloth and artwork. By investing in a climate controlled unit, you can ensure that your antiques are safe from these dramatic changes.

Avoid Using Plastic To Wrap The Antiques

One of the more basic steps that you can take to keep your antiques safe from damage is to cover them in protective wraps. However, some individuals will make the mistake of using plastic to wrap their antiques. This might seem like it will be a harmless and effective choice, but this is not the case because the plastic will prevent airflow from reaching the antiques. When this occurs, condensation can form on the stored items, and this can lead to rot, discolorations and mold growths.

Rather than using plastic to protect your antiques, you will want to use cloth. The cloth will allow airflow to still reach the antiques, which can allow any condensation that forms to evaporate. When choosing a cloth to protect your antiques, you should only use one that is solid white. Using a cloth that has dyes on it can be damaging because some of the dye may rub off on the antiques, which can result in stains.

Storing your antiques will require you to take some protective steps to prevent routine damages from occurring to the stored items. By appreciating the need to use a climate controlled unit and the benefits of using white cloths to wrap your antiques, you will find that you are better prepared to keep your stored antiques safe from these damages. For more information, visit sites like