Are you planning to make a big move in the next few weeks? People choose to move for all kinds of reasons, especially if they have received a new job offer. No matter your reason for moving, you may already feel unenthusiastic about packing all of your belongings and taking them to your new place. However, there are some simple and useful tips that could make the whole moving process a lot easier on you.

1. Stop Using Newspaper: Wrap Fragile Items with Clothes

If you have ever moved in the past, you may have used lots of newspaper to wrap some of your most fragile items, including plates and glass vases. However, you can avoid using the paper that leaves ink marks on your skin by wrapping your most fragile items in clothes. Simply place a shirt or sweater on the floor, set the fragile item on top of it, and then carefully wrap the article of clothing around it. You will get to pack two important items at once and will not have to worry about wasting paper or dealing with the ink marks.

2. Use Plastic Wrap for Tons of Items While Packing

Plastic wrap is convenient to have when planning a move. You can use it for several different purposes. For starters, instead of taking all of the items out of your nightstand and storing them in different boxes, you could simply wrap the entire nightstand up with the plastic wrap. You would not even have to remove the items from the drawers because they would stay in place as long as you wrap the entire piece tightly enough.

You could use the plastic wrap on other pieces of furniture, including dressers and small tables with drawers attached to them. You may need several rolls of plastic wrap for all of these different items, but it will save you a lot of time and energy when it comes to unpacking when you get to the new place.

3. Pack Your Clothes in Two Minutes or Less with the Easy Option

The idea of folding your clothes, placing them into boxes, and then unpacking everything when you get to the new home may seem like a lot of work for you. If you would like to take the easiest approach ever to packing your clothes, consider hanging your shirts and pants on hangers and then covering them with a trash bag. Tie the trash bag tightly over the clothes so that they are completely covered with the hangers sticking out. Once you get to the new place, you could just quickly remove the bag and then hang those items right back up in your new closet.

4. Put Bottles into Plastic Food-Storage Bags

Before placing bottles full of soap, shower gel, and shampoo inside of any cardboard moving boxes, make sure to place the bottles into plastic food storage bags. Even if the lids are on tightly, some of the liquid may start dripping from the cap of these bottles. You would not want to have a huge mess to clean up when you are in the middle of trying to put everything away inside the new home. If the bottles drip out inside of the food-storage bags, you can quickly rinse them off with water and then get rid of the bags

5. Get Extra Assistance from a Moving Company

Make things easier by relying on a moving company to assist you. They can provide some of the most important supplies you could possibly need to pack your belongings before transporting them. Along with providing supplies, such as cardboard boxes and packing peanuts, they will have the trucks used to transport all of the stuff you own to your new home.

Following these tips could help to make your move a lot easier. Why do things the hard way when there are simple yet useful techniques that help to save time? Talk to a company such as Bekins Van Lines Inc for more ideas.