If you are getting ready to move you have probably discovered that you have more items than you can transport right now. While some of them are trash and others can be given away or donated, you probably still have a collection of things that you will need to store until you are ready for them at the new home. You may be tempted to store them in Grandma's empty attic, to save a few dollars on storage, but that is not always the best idea. Check out these five reasons why you should spring for the cost storage unit at a local storage facility instead of storing your things in Grandma's attic.

1. Climate Control

Temperature and humidity fluctuations can wreak havoc with stored items. That's why many storage units provide temperature and humidity control in their units. This means you won't need to worry about books and clothing getting damp and musty in humid weather or wooden frames and furniture drying out and cracking during storage. Common items that benefit from climate control are: books, artwork and art supplies, fabric, wooden or leather furniture, household appliances, stamp and coin collections, musical instruments and other collectibles.

2. Pest Control

Attics are notorious for harboring rodents and insect pests that can chew on your belongings or use them as a nesting site, especially during the winter months. Reputable storage units provide pest control to keep mice and other rodents out and to keep insects, like moths, termites and bookworms, under control. Putting your belongings in a storage unit may save you the heartache of losing valuable or sentimental items due to annoying pests.

3. Privacy

Many families view items in the attic as community items and aren't opposed to snooping through boxes and bins to see what is inside. That means storing paperwork or private items in Grandma's attic may expose them to the prying eyes of other family members. If you prefer to keep your belongings private, nix the idea of storing them in a family home and opt for a storage unit instead. When you store your things in a storage unit, you maintain privacy as no one can get inside except for you.

4. Security

Storage units are typically secured with heavy-duty locks and may also have a security fence around the units. In addition, many provide regular security checks or have a guard on duty to monitor who accesses the grounds. This minimizes the chances that your belongings can accidentally get damaged at the hands of others and prevents would-be burglars from making off with your valuables. In addition, storage units may offer insurance against damage of your belongings. If you are concerned about the safety and security of your belongings, leaving them in the open in the corner of Grandma's attic is probably not the best choice. Boxes can get moved, items can get lost or borrowed, and children playing dress-up in the attic may suddenly decide to use your best china for a fantasy tea party.

5. Convenience

Storage units are a convenient alternative and are typically designed with easy access 24 hours a day. That means you don't need to visit when it is convenient for Grandma and can retrieve items at any time that works for you. In addition, you typically won't need to navigate the stairs when you place items in a storage unit. Because storage unit are designed to accommodate the needs of busy Americans, parking is generally ample and walkways provide room for carrying or moving large objects.

Putting your belongings in storage until you are settled in your new home gives you time to adjust to your new life with worrying about the safety of your property.