Moving cross-country can be physically and emotionally draining. Moving is often ranked as one of the most stressful life events, and when that move is long-distance it's natural for things to get even more chaotic. Just because you're faced with a long-distance move doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your healthy lifestyle. Focusing on staying healthy and balanced during your move will leave you feeling more energized and less stressed, allowing you to start life in your new city on a great foot. Here are four tips for a healthy cross-country move:

Hire Professional Movers

Hiring professional movers can make all the difference in how well your move goes. Driving across country is stressful enough, but driving your own huge moving truck that you have to load and unload yourself can quickly feel like a nightmare, not to mention leading to serious back and leg pain. Professional movers will eliminate a great deal of your stress, tackling the actual moving so you can focus on saying goodbye to friends and family, planning your road trip route, and making time each day to de-stress and center yourself.

On a practical note, professional movers have techniques, equipment, and moving strategies to keep your beloved belongings and valuables safe and protected during the entire move, giving you one less thing to worry about. Contact a company like Smith Dray Line to learn more about planning for these bigger moves.

Plan for Healthy Meals

One of the least healthy aspects of many long-distance moves is diet. When spending long hours on the road, it's often way too easy to stop for meals at fast food restaurants and grab sugary snacks at gas stations, even if those things aren't a part of your normal diet. This can leave you feeling uncomfortably full and sluggish during your entire trip, and make it hard to reset your diet and get back to normal once you arrive in your new town.

A better approach is to make a game plan for eating healthy during your move. Packing a cooler or two with healthy, prepared snacks and meals is important, since you want to make it as easy on yourself as possible to eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods that give you energy while on the road. Some ideas include cut up fruit and veggies, pita bread with hummus, salad ingredients in plastic baggies or storage tubs for easy preparation, and low fat granola and nuts. 

Stay in Vacation Rentals

When driving across the country, you will need to reserve accommodations throughout your trip. Instead of a regular hotel room, consider renting a vacation rental with a kitchen through a site like Airbnb. Instead of being forced to dine out or order indulgent room service, you can simply stop by a local grocery store and make your own healthy meals at "home" during your trip, making it much easier to stay on track when it comes to your diet. You will also have more space to stretch out or exercise and in some cases even a private yard to enjoy.

Schedule Exercise

Exercising on the road is unlikely to happen unless you schedule it, but if you plan on a short daily workout and work it into your moving schedule, it can make a big difference in how your move goes. Starting each morning with a quick bootcamp video or jog around the neighborhood will give you energy for a day of driving. Spending some time stretching out your muscles before bed will make the hours spent behind the wheel feel less punishing.

A cross-country move doesn't have to be an unhealthy and high-stress experience. By following these tips, you will be able to navigate your cross-country move without sacrificing your health and wellness.